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    Pennsbury rolls on against Council Rock North

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    Pennsbury has no trouble with Frankford

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    40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 30 – Pennsbury (1) – Big School Team # 6

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    Offensive Preview:

    One of their key pieces from last year’s team is gone. For the first time in three-years Pennsbury will have a new quarterback at the helm. Breon Clark has left Pennsbury and transferred to a school down south in Maryland. So, what looked like a position that had a lot of experience resulted in coach Galen Snyder starting all over again.

    “We had a two-year starter that transferred for his senior year. We have been counting on him to be the QB for his third year.”

    The Falcons will now have a battle during camp to determine the starter. The guys battling are senior Cody Tabeek and junior Rob Daley along with Conwell-Egan transfer Mike Alley.

    “Mike Alley is the only one with experience at the quarterback position. It’s an open competition for these guys.”

     The Falcons return four-year starter Charles Snorweah at running back. He rushed for 1,476 yards on 145 carries and 22 touchdowns last year in the Wing-T attack.

    “He’s a physical runner. He spent the first couple of years doing some blocking for us for some of the older backs. Last year he really took off and had a tremendous season for us. He’s a good runner and catches the ball well. He’s probably our number one threat as a pass receiver and running back and has great speed. We like to put him in the slot or at tailback position.”

    Also returning in the Wing-T is Raheem Thompson.

    “Raheem is our other halfback. He can run, has speed and can catch the ball. He had around 880 yards rushing for us last year.”

    Senior Victor Delgado is the fullback this year.

    “He’s a two-year starter on defense. In the Wing-T he has to be a good runner from the fullback spot, but he does have to block. All our runners have to block for each other.”

    The fourth guy in will be junior Daulton Hose.

    “He played linebacker for us last year. He is going to play a lot of running back. We have four guys who are going to go in and out at the three positions.”


    The Falcons have plenty of experience coming back on the offensive line. One of the guys is Mason Houriet.

    “Mason is our center and it’s his second-year as a starter for us. He’s a big physical center. He’s 6-foot-1, 255-pounds.”

    Senior Austin O’Neil is back on the line.

    “He has started two-years at left tackle. But this year we’re going to move him at left guard. He’s a tremendous player for us. He’s physical and moves very well.”

    Sam Raywood is the third guy returning from last year.

    “He’s our right tackle. He has started since his sophomore year. He’s a big powerful lineman. He’s 6-foot-3, 355-pounds. He can move the pile.”

    The left tackle will be Brandon Pabon and the right guard is Brandon Hogan.

    Sophomore Maurice Stukes will rotate in and may play some tackle.

    “He’s a big kid. He’s 6-foot-7, 340-pounds.”


    At wide receiver the Falcons will have to replace everyone from last year. Senior Tom Augustin will be that guy.

    “He had a little bit of varsity time last year. He’s a good athlete. He’s a good possession receiver. He has good hands.”

    Vinnie Rathamess will play tight end.

    “He’s going to be a junior and is athletic. We may line him up at receiver at times this year.”

    Also you may see one or two of the guys that may not be quarterback play some receiver.


    Defensive Preview:

    On the defensive line Pennsbury has two juniors returning and they are Jack Kenney and Nick Paragano.

    “Jack will be playing defensive end and Nick will be playing defensive tackle. Jack is technically sound. Nick is a big powerful kid and is very physical.”

    Joe Maurer will be the other tackle and Makhi Butler as the other end spot.

    “Joe is strong and very quick. He’s a guy that will get in the backfield and cause havoc. Makhi is very athletic who can move.”

    Jeremiah Wells will see some time at tackle. Dalton Thomas will rotate in at end.


    Linebacker Dalton Hose is a junior and started last year.

    “He’s going to play outside linebacker.”

    Jordan O’Neil is a senior and will play inside linebacker. Luke Snyder played as a freshman and last year missed most of the season due to an injury.

    “Luke came back toward the end of the season and played in a couple of games. He will play inside linebacker.”

    The fourth guy is Victor Delgado.

    Junior outside linebackers that will rotate in is Greg Lichtenstein.


    At defensive back Anthony Pitt and Joe Strong return at cornerback.

    “Anthony Pitt is a returning starter and Joe started a couple of games at the end of the year last year. Joe is a real good technique. Anthony is real fast.”

    Also back is Robert Daly.

    “He played a lot of corner for us last year. Now he’s going to play some safety. He’s a good athlete that can play multiple positions.”

    At times you may see Charles Snorweah playing some corner.

    “He’s a good corner and has great instincts and great speed. This year he will go up against other teams’ top receivers.”

    Cody Tabeek will go in and play some safety.

    “He will go in and play some pass coverage type situations.”


    Special Teams Preview:

    “We have a lot of guys that can do kick or punt returners. We can always put Charles back there too.”

    Guys like Anthony Pitt can return kicks and Robert Daly can return punts.

    Josh Leon returns as the kicker and punter. Michael Geary does kickoffs.


    Head Coach: Gale Snyder

    2013 Record: 10-2 (7-0 conference)

    2014 Schedule

    Key Starters Lost: QB Breon Clark


    Offensive Players Returning: (5)

    RB Charles Snorweah

    RB Raheem Thompson

    C Mason Houriet

    OG Austin O’Neil

    OT Sam Raywood


    Defensive Players Returning: (8)

    DE Jack Kenney

    DT Nick Paragano

    SS Victor Delgado

    LB Daulton Hose

    LB Jordan O’Neil

    CB Anthony Pitt

    CB Joe Strong

    S Robert Daly


    Key Newcomers: OT Maurice Stukes, OT Brandon Pabon, OT Brandon Hogan

    Key Stats: Charles Snorweah rushed for 1,476 yards on 145 carries and 22 touchdowns.

    Perk Valley - Photos

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