Pennsbury High School Football Program Rules:     
  • You are expected to be at home by 10 PM the night before a game.
  • The helmet is not to be used as the initial contact point at any time.  It is both illegal and dangerous to do so.
  • All injuries should be brought to the attention of the trainers.
  • We practice every day, rain or shine.  Bring both cleats and sneakers to practice.
  • Always have black shorts in your locker in case we do not practice in full pads.
  • No earrings, bandannas, garbage taping, or sagging shorts while involved in a football function.
  • Proper hair length and grooming habits are expected for both health and safety reasons.
  • You are expected to be in school, on time, unless you are ill.  Do not be late the day of games!
  • If you are not in school, you will not practice.
If you are absent from school or you need to miss practice for any reason, you MUST email Coach McShane:

Coach McShane:

 The above information has been communicated with all players on the team.