The following text is from The History of Falls Township 1692-1992, by Samuel Moore Snipes, pp. 187-189.

Coach James P. Doheny taught and coached all sports in Falls Township and later at Morrisville for 35 years. He introduced football and track to the school curriculum. In his beginning years, in the 1920's, he developed a wonderful spirit among the divesrse student population by getting them to play football together. He preached the virtues of hard play, winning and recognition of the worth of each of the many nationality groups who at that time formed the Township population.

The thrill we feel today when Pennsbury beats Neshaminy in football can only be mildly compared to the exhilaration which a more rural community universally felt when it's championship teams of 1933, 1934 and 1935 beat such giants as Morrisville and Bristol. 

1930-1936 James P. Doheny
Fallsington & Falls Township HS

1948-1949 Harry Wyckoff  

1955-1961 Al Matuza, Sr.

1982-1987 Jim Dundalla

1996-2001 Mike Elko

1937-1945 Mike DeRisi

1950-1951 George Jarmoska

1962-1969 Erie Baugher

1988-1991 Al Matuza, Jr.

2002-2016 Galen Snyder

1946-1947 Glenn F. Miller

Front Row(Kneeling) - Ray Evans, Llywellen Mohr, Dick Doheny, Dennis Cravin, George Curtin, LeRoyLynch, Bill MaxSherry, Eugene Lynch, Bill Henry, Sam DiNatale, Harry Stone, Bob Jones, Rear Row: Archie Heller, Andrew Turner, Ray Kimble, Bill Hibbs, Eugene Termyna, John Cutchineal, William Briggs, Howard Anderson, Jimmy Maglio, Dave LaBuer, Glenn F. Miller, Coach

1952-1954 Jim Egli

1970-1981 Chuck Kane

1992 PSFCA Hall of Fame

1992-1995 Larry Greene

2016-Present, Dan McShane