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2011 Pa Football News All-State Selection

JJ Denman 1st Team Offensive Lineman

2011 Scholar Athletes
Adam Lewis & Jake Andrassy

Player of the Week
Senior Awards 

June 7th - The 37th Bob Sands Memorial,
Bucks County Lions All-Star football classic game June 7th at 7:30pm at William Tennent HS






2011 Player Achievements 
#             NAME Year 
1                 Anthony Bullaro  PHS DPWK-Neshaminy 11 
4Tony Donovan  DPWK-North Penn 11 
 CAPTAINAdam Lewis   SOL 1st Team DB; PHS Player of the Year (MVP); PHS Scholar Leader Athlete Award; PHS OPWk-Truman; BC All-Star Game Selection
10Shawn Pepper  SOL 2nd Team LB;PHS DPWk-Abington; SpT PWk-Abington PLOff 11
11Kris Simpson  PHS DPWK-Coatesville PLOff11 
13Mikhail Kniaziewicz  SOL 3rd Team PK; PHS SpT PWk-Bensalem11 
14 GAME CAPTAIN/CRNBruce Campbell  SOL HM QB; PHS Bob Trombino (Coaches) Award; PHS OPWk-Wm.Tennent; BC All-Star Game Selection12 
22 GAME CAPTAIN/CRS/TEthan Paraboschi  PHS Defensive Player of the Year; PHS DPWk CR South12 
26  CAPTAINZach Ganie  SOL HM DL; PHS 3-D Award; PHS DPWK Bensalem; BC All-Star Game Selection12 
30Tom Hose  SOL 1st Team LB; PHS DPWk-Easton; PHS DPWk-Wm. Tennent 11
32Sykeem Steward  SOL HM DL; PHS DPWK-Truman 11
34 Chuck Snorweagh  PHS OPWK-North Penn 
44Luke Johnson  SOL HM DL;PHS DPWk-PM West 11
45Daquan Mack  SOL 1st Team RB; PHS OPwk-CR North; OPWk-Coatesville PLOff11 
50Charlie Fisher  SOL HM LB; PHS DPWk-Harrisburg11 
57Mike Reynolds  PHS OPWK-Harrisburg11 
67GAME CAPTAIN/TENNENTAlex Mollohan  PHS OPLWk-Neshaminy12
72  CAPTAINJake Andrassy  SOL 3rd Team OL; PHS Jim Dundala (Iron Man) Award; PHS Scholar Leader Athlete Award; PHS OPWK-Easton; BC All-Star Game Selection
74 GAME CAPTAIN/PMWDan Hislop12 
77 CAPTAINJJ Denman   Big 33 PA Classic Team, OL; USA Today First Team All-American OL; All-American Semper Fi Bowl Selection; Selected to National Team for International Bowl; PFN All-State 1st Team; E.PAFtbl All-East 1st Team; SOL 1st Team OL; Phila. Inquirer SEPA All-Area 1st Team Offense, OL; PAPreps Top OL of 2012; PHS Offensive Lineman of the Year; PHS OPWk-CR South; BC All-Star Game Selection 12
79 GAME CAPTAIN/EASTON/N/NPDylan Pepper  Phila. Inquirer SEPA All-Area Offense, 2nd Team, OL;  2nd Team, SOL 1st Team OL, 2nd Team DL; PHS Bob Mears Memorial Award for Outstanding Lineman; PHS OPWk-PMWest; PHS DPWk-CR North; BC All-star Game Selection 12
84 GAME CAPTAIN/PMWDalton Zimmerman  SOL 3rd Team TE; PHS Bill Noah Award (Unsung Hero); PHS OPWk-Coatesville PLoff12 
87 GAME CAPTAIN/HSBGLee Hamacher  SOL HM WR; PHS OPWk-Bensalem; BC All-Star Game Selection12 
88 GAME CAPTAIN/ABGTNShane Letukas    SOL 3rd Team DL;  PHS DPWk-Abington PLOff; BC All-Star Game Selection12