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In 1930, Fallsington School was categorized as a Junior High with grades from 1 through 10. Grades 11 and 12 were sent to other neighboring districts: Bristol, Langhorne, and Morrisville. In 1931, the school extended to 11th, and in 1932, to 12th.

Research is continuing on this era. The record of their opponents is incomplete at this time, but the oldest players on the team would have been 10th graders. Two opponents of record who defeated the new Falcons are Newtown (13-6) and Langhorne (20-7).

An article in a 1930 Playwickian, published by the Langhorne/Neshaminy school district, lists the Bucks County All-Stars. A player from Fallsington by the last name of Amice is on the list. In 1932, there is a Pat Amice listed on the Fallsingrton Team and would have been a Senior at that time.

We have concluded that right halfback Pat Amice, a sophomore in 1930, was the first All-Star in Pennsbury History.

The following entry is the article from the 1930 Playwickian.

With thanks to the Neshaminy Website Team for providing the Playwickian article. (2013)