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In 1930, Pennsbury High, when named Fallsington, played their first football games against schools in the area such as Council Rock (Newtown) who defeated the Fallsington Team,  13-6. This Team also lost to Neshaminy (Langhorne), 20-7. Other sources than the one listed below report that there were 5 other games that Fallsington won.  
From 1930 through 1934, the school played as Independents. Further research will determine which schools were played during that first year of 1930.

Between 1900 and 1922, there was much shifting of grades mainly because the State Board of Education banned the concept of a three-year high school. The Fallsington School had been designated by the State of PA as a Junior High ending in 10th grade in the 1920's. Students were sent to Morrisville, Langhorne, or Bristol for the rest of high school. 

 In 1931, the decision was made to double the size of the Fallsington building and create a four-year high school. The school was now called Falls Township High School and graduated its first class in 1933. 

In 1935, the football team became part of an early Lower Bucks County League through 1938.  No games were played in 1939 according to the source listed below. 

An article appears in the Bristol Courier on September 15, 1939 stating that Coaches Mike DeRisi and James Doheny announced at a Lower Bucks Coaches Meeting that Falls was dropping football and going to play 6 Man football against some of the other smaller schools. They had experimented with that formula in some exhibition-type games in 1936.  

In 1937 Yardley High School, who would later become part of Pennsbury, citing the experiment of 6 Man by Falls, announced that they were dropping football and going to play 6 Man as reported in a Bristol Courier article on 9-17-37.

The sources for this information are the Pennsbury Falcons: High School Football History,  2010 Edition by Donald J. Black, the archives of the Bristol Courier Newspaper,  www.ePaSports.com, and the book about Falls Township history listed below.

The following text is from The History of Falls Township 1692-1992, by Samuel Moore Snipes, pp. 187-189.

Coach James T. Doheny taught and coached all sports in Falls Township and later at Morrisville for 35 years. He introduced football and track to the school curriculum. In his beginning years, in the 1920's, he developed a wonderful spirit among the divesrse student population by getting them to play football together. He preached the virtues of hard play, winning and recognition of the worth of each of the many nationality groups who at that time formed the Township population.

The thrill we feel today when Pennsbury beats Neshaminy in football can only be mildly compared to the exhilaration which a more rural community universally felt when the  championship teams of 1933, 1934 and 1935 (sic) beat such giants as Morrisville and Bristol. 

1931 *(5-1)  FALLSINGTON       1932  (4-3)                                1933  (2-5) FALLS TOWNSHIP

Bensalem                W   53-0              Bensalem               W    39-0             Bensalem                         L     6-12
Newtown                 W   16-0              Bristol                      W      6-0             Bristol                                L     0-27
Langhorne*            W     7-2               Lower Moreland     L      0-6             Merchantville(NJ)            L    0-46
New Jersey Deaf    L     0-7               Morrisville               W    12-0            Morrisville                          L    6-7
Solebury School   W   48-0               Langhorne*            W    18-0            Pemberton(NJ)                W   37-0
Yardley                    W   45-0               Pemberton(NJ)       L     0-13           Trenton Cathedral(NJ)  W   13-0
*Other source:                                     Upper Moreland     L     0-6              Upper Moreland               L   0-19
Langhorne              W    7-0                *Neshaminy website records
Gave up only 1.5 pts/game                  show Langhorne W 20-0   
                                                                 Gave up 3.5 pts/game

1934  (6-1)                                 1935  (1-8)                                 1936  (3-5-1)

Bensalem               W   29-7               Bensalem                  L   0-39             Bensalem                            L    0-6
Newtown                 W   33-12            Bordentown(NJ)      L   0-19             Bordentown(NJ)                L    0-25
Hatboro                   W   20-0              Bristol                         L   0-33             Bristol                                   L    0-26
Morrisville                L    7-13             Newtown                   W    6-0              Newtown                              T     0-0
Langhorne              W    7-2               Hatboro                      L   0-28             Flemington(NJ)                 W   20-0
Pemberton(NJ)      W   26-0              Morrisville                  L   0-20             Morrisville                            L     0-6
Trenton-                   W  14-0              Langhorne                 L   6-13             Langhorne                           L     0-8
Cathedral(NJ)                                     Pemberton(NJ)         L   6-12             Pemberton(NJ)                  W    27-6
                                                               Yardley                        L   0-6               Yardley                                W    13-0

1937   (0-7-1)                              1938   (0-4-3)

Bensalem                  L   0-20               Bensalem                  L   7-14
Bristol                         L   7-34               Newtown                   T   6-6
Newtown                    L   2-13               Morrisville                 L   0-20
Flemington(NJ)        L   0-6                 Mount Holly(NJ)       L   7-20
Mount Holly(NJ)       L   0-13              Langhorne                 L   0-7
Langhorne                T    6-6                Langhorne                 T   0-0
Pemberton(NJ)         L   0-13              Pemberton(NJ)         T   0-0
Morrisville                  L   0-25

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